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First Cloud ERP in Bangladesh


OneBook is a comprehensive, secured and easy ERP system designed for operating an organization. Fortified with a dynamic architecture and an independent database, OneBook is a web-based solution for accounting, inventory, sales, purchase and tax management of any organization.



Why OneBook


OneBook is a convenient solution made upon the aspect of your business operations. It is a cloud based secured application.

It offers financial solution which meets the business demands and provides integration of several other aspects of business like inventory, sales, purchase management and so on.



Benefits of OneBook


Handle Financial.png

Handle Financial Transactions with Ease

Ensure proper accounting maintenance and tracking with accurate financial reports.


Interact with Various Parties Faster.png

Interact with Various Parties Faster

Manage vendors, customers and other parties efficiently with party statements, ledgers and transactions.


Place Orders on the Go.png

Place Orders on the Go

Swift order processing that captures in depth data of sales & purchases for sustainable business growth.


Multiple Inventories.png

Multiple Inventories in Real Time

Control multiple inventories of your business with a clear picture of items, products, stock in & out records.


Process Cheques Digitally.png

Process Cheques Digitally

Monitor overall cheque functionalities and keep records of all the transactions processed through cheques.

Faster Delivery.png

Faster Delivery & Shipment

Implement and monitor quick product deliveries along with partial delivery & delivery returns.


Dynamic Reports.png

Dynamic Reports

Keep track of all relevant accounting reports, invoices, sales & purchase summary, Party balances, stock analysis and many more.



Ideal Ventures for OneBook
















Supporting wide range of Multidimensional Business Sectors


Computer-&-Electronic.png  Computer & Electronics

  Retail.png  Retail

Wholesale.png  Wholesale & Distribution

furniture.png  Furnitures


 tiles-&-sanitary.png  Tiles & Sanitary

  Sports.png  Sports Accessories

Fahion-House.png  Fashion House

Hardware-&-Machine.png  Hardware & Machineries


TRADING.png  Trading

  Money-Exchange.png  Money Exchange

Gas-Station.png  Gas or Fuel Station

Books-&-Stationery.png  Book & Stationery Stores


steel-&-aluminum.png  Steel & Aluminum Distributor

  Food-&-Groceries.png  Foods & Groceries