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First Cloud ERP in Bangladesh


OneBook is a comprehensive, secured and compatible ERP solution for an organization. This is a web based solution for accounting, inventory, sale, purchase and party management for your organization.


Streamlining different processes and workflows by using user access control Onebook prompts efficiency and productivity levels of an organization, and reduces operating costs. Reporting, analytics and graphs help immediate access to data, which assists in viewing profit, loss and growth of business enabling instant decision making.

Why OneBook


OneBook is a convenient solution made upon the aspect of your business operations.Its a cloud based secured application.
It offers financial solution which meets the business demands and provides integration of several other aspects of business like inventory, sales, purchase management and so on.

OneBook speciality -


  • Onebook manages and records constantly which streamlines organizational business processes
  • Improves revenue recognition processes and accelerates financial closings
  • OneBook ensures accountability and compliance with comprehensive and auditable accounting practices
  • By using Onebook you can ensure maximum use of fixed assets combined with proper disbursement