Overview of OneBook features

Accounting Solution

OneBook Accounting Management helps to review the business finances on a regular basis which provides both opportunities of sales growth and higher profit levels. It serves as an early warning system of business problems by producing a monthly profit/loss reports. OneBook software keeps track of an organizations finance by managing ledgers, sales, purchase etc.

Inventory Management

OneBook Inventory management is the process of efficiently overseeing the constant flow of units getting in and out of an inventory and controls the costs associated with the inventory by managing product , Price Settings, Stock management and many more.


OneBook Purchase management provides an user friendly interface that allows buying of products and storing them in stock. On the other hand, OneBook Sales management allows selling of products from stock having various payment method and intelligent account system with proper tax and vat calculation

Party Management

OneBook Party Management is a system that manages different types of party included in a business and allows checking of the party balance and ledgers instantly. It manages receivables and payable to smoothen daily business operation and ensures profitability.


OneBook Reporting engine provides insightful reports which gives instant overview of a business. It provides reports in several formats based on users preferred choice such as html,docs,excel,pdf etc.